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Lead Training

Lead worker training by the AMRC professionals, is part of a turnkey package for companies addressing lead contamination, helping to prevent future incidents by training workers to do lead abatement work in such a way that they do not risk their health or the health of the occupants. When the worker uses safe work practices, lead poisoning can be prevented. Unsafe work practices can cause lead poisoning. A knowledgeable worker can help prevent others from getting poisoned by lead.

Construction worker using device

Lead Worker Training

As an EPA accredited training provider, AMRC adheres to the (OSHA) requirements as designated. Our environmental training classes are designed to present the technical material in a clear, concise manner that is easy to comprehend. They are presented by skilled professionals whose knowledge extends beyond the textbook basics into actual, on-the-job experience.


The Lead Worker Training courses offered by AMRC include:

  • Lead Awareness Training for the Construction Industry
  • Lead Abatement Worker Training, Initial and Refresher

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