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Environmental engineering services for all facility sizes

Environmental engineering takes us inside, outside, above ground and below ground! AMRC has conducted assessments, analyses, and planning studies for built environments in a host of settings, from small offices to large industrial complexes and factories as part of our Facilities Operations services.

We also provide bleacher inspections — visual assessments for safety issues of indoor and outdoor, temporary and permanent bleachers of all materials.

Protect property values with site assessments

Protecting the value of your property and guarding against any liability, now and for the future, may indicate the need for a Phase I or Phase II Site Assessment. These critical environmental engineering operations require our highly-trained, experienced engineers to meticulously gather data, evaluate risk, conduct sampling and laboratory analyses, and make educated, fact-based determinations as to compliance with complex environmental regulations.

Below ground environmental engineering services

What permeates in and lurks below the ground can have grave implications for the environment and those who inhabit it. Our environmental engineering division is adept at performing soil and groundwater analysis, identifying contaminants and assessing the technologies available to provide you with the best clean-up process.

When an underground storage tank develops a leak, the ramifications extend beyond environmental contamination to economic devaluation. Our environmental engineering division provides turnkey UST-related soil and groundwater remediation services, including repair or removal of defective underground storage tanks, lines, or protective systems.

Customized Turnkey Environmental Services Are Just A Call Away. We’re Ready For You!

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