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Environmental Training Classes

Environmental training classes from Florida Approved Provider AMRC cover many aspects of the Environmental, Health, and Safety fields. Many of our clients request environmental training classes specific to their needs. Examples include facility-specific hazardous/regulated waste handling programs, respirator protection, asbestos and lead. Call us for more information about our industry standard environmental training classes or to create a custom training program for your specific needs.


Asbestos Training Classes

Asbestos training classes vary based on the level of work performed. OSHA classes of workers include Class I, II, III, and IV and specialties such as underground cementitious pipes, roofing, and resilient flooring.

AMRC has developed a curriculum of asbestos training classes that adhere to both OSHA and EPA regulations to provide everything from asbestos awareness to asbestos abatement project and management for those in supervisory positions.  


Lead Awareness and Abatement Classes

Lead, one of the most frequently found contaminants, lead can infiltrate the air we breathe, the water we drink, the buildings we live and work in. AMRC offers training classes in lead awareness and abatement.

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Health and Safety Training Classes

The health and safety training classes offered by AMRC include Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) training and several subject matter classes that affect IAQ such as “A Practical Look at Mold in the Indoor Environment” and “Microbiology Overview for IAQ Professionals.”

Remediation measures are addressed in environmental training classes for microbial contamination, fungal contamination, and clandestine methamphetamine laboratories.

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