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Lead Abatement

Lead abatement

Why is lead paint dangerous? The toxic effects of lead are well documented in both children and adults. Workers exposed to lead can have damage to the central nervous system, reproductive system, cardiovascular system, hematological system, and the kidneys.

National efforts to reduce lead exposures and the removal of lead from paint around 1978 have helped reduce human exposure to lead, however, lead paint dangers exist in older homes, buildings and structures. Exposure in homes can occur during renovation and disturbance of lead paint. Worker exposure can occur during renovations and maintenance of older homes, buildings and structures. In addition to lead testing and inspections, AMRC specializes in lead removal and lead abatement services including enclosure, chemical stripping, dust and paint removal, encapsulation and remediation.

Lead Abatement

Lead abatement methods

AMRC has successfully performed lead abatement services on a variety of surfaces, including brick, steel, metal, wood, and concrete, using several methods, including chemical stripping, use of a needle gun, and wet scraping.

Chemical stripping uses solvents to dissolve the paint binder. The resulting material is removed using scrapers and other hand tools. The surface is then prepared for a new application of paint. 

Needle guns use small-diameter tightly grouped rods to break apart the paint. They are effective for removing paint from metal and masonry and have the ability to remove paint from hard-to-reach areas.

Lead Abatement

Wet scraping is self-explanatory. The surface containing the lead-based paint is wetted and a scraper is used to remove the loose paint. Care must be taken to keep the surface misted during the scraping, to prevent dust from entering the air. Wet scraping works best on flat wood or metal surfaces.

In all of these methods, AMRC technicians protect themselves and the work environment using personal protective equipment such as hazard suits and respirators. The debris is collected and disposed of in accordance with all regulations.

Before embarking on any of these lead abatement activities, we will review your lead testing results and devise a custom plan for you, communicating it complete with specifications. We will keep you apprised of the progress every step of the way toward creating your lead-free environment.

Lead Abatement

Additional lead abatement services

We can also provide you with any of the following additional services related to your lead abatement:

  • Contractor oversight and performance evaluations
  • Worker monitoring
  • Operations and maintenance programs
  • Compliance monitoring
  • Expert witness testimony
  • Employee awareness training
  • XRF and laboratory services

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